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VGU School of Business Informatics

The VGU School of Business Informatics (SBI) is based on knowledge, experience and people from European universities. The school's faculty is a network of distinguished professors from reputable universities in Central Europe, all of whom are top experts in their respective fields. SBI's unique feature is this concentration of high-level knowledge and expertise in one institution.

MBI - International Master of Business Informatics

The MBI program is a master's program leading to the degree of an "International Master of Business Informatics". The master's degree is awarded by the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder) in Germany.

For more information about this master's program, please visit the page MBI Program.

Certificate Courses

A number of courses on important IT and management topics are offered as individual courses. VGU issues certificates for successful participation. Actually, many courses of the MBI program can be attended stand-alone as well. See the course directory for courses available in the next semester.

Demo Courses

Here are some samples of VGU courses. You will find various instruction modes as used in the courses of SBI.

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VGU News:

06.08.14 17:38

MBI Office Summer Break

Dear students,

the MBI office will be closed from 08.08.2014 - 25.08.2014.


VGU wishes you all a...

17.06.14 15:17

eBook "ERP & SCM" by K. Kurbel was one of the top 25 % most downloaded eBooks in...

26.03.14 14:43

Master's thesis in SS 2014

Deadline (15 April 2014) for registration is approaching!


MBI program

The MBI program is delivered through a cooperation between VGU School of Business Informatics and the European University Viadrina. The MBI program was initially developed under a grant by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the program "New media in education". The focus of this program is on the synergy between information technology (IT) and management.